April 18, 2017

5:30 p.m.

Business Meeting

Department of Land Use

87 Reads Way, Corporate Commons, New Castle DE

HRB meetings are held on the 1st (Business Meeting) and 3rd (Hearing) Tuesdays of each month.





Historic Overlay Applications

App. 2017-03401: 4677 Summit Bridge Rd. (E side SR 301, S of Old School House Rd.), Middletown vicinity (TP 13-012.00-040).  Building permit application to repair fire-damaged tenant house in Historic Overlay district, “Weston.”  CD 12.

Demolition Permit Applications

App. 2017-02840: 207 Old Mill Lane, Liftwood (N. side Old Mill Lane between Gibson Ave. & Butler Ave.), Brandywine Hundred (TP 06-113.00-167).  Demolition permit application for house built c. 1950.  CD 8.

App. 2017-03029: 3925 Kirkwood Hwy. (NE corner Kirkwood Hwy. & Evelyn Dr.), Mill Creek Hundred (TP 08-038.40-443). Demolition permit application for c.1955 commercial building.  CD 9.

App. 2017-03033: 1458 Church Rd. (SW side Church Road approx. 1300 ft. NW of Red Lion Road), Porter vicinity, New Castle Hundred (TP 10-048.00-016). Demolition permit application for house built c. 1933/1943.  CD 12.

App. 2017-03558: 325 S. DuPont Hwy. (NW corner US 13 and State Rd. /Llangollen Blvd. intersection), New Castle vicinity (TP 10-034.00-074).  Demolition permit application for c. 1933 storage building.  CD 7.

App. 2017-03641: 2212 Marsh Road (NW side Marsh Rd. bet. Harrison Ct. and Wind La.), Brandywine Hundred (TP 06-045.00-036).  Demolition permit application for roof and front porch on c. 1950 house.  CD 2.

App.2017-03766: 5600 Concord Pike (W side US 202, N side Ziegler Lane), Brandywine Hundred (TP 06-004.00-003). Demolition permit application for partial demolition of c. 1961 commercial bldg.  CD 2.

App. 2017-03837: 9 North St., Hamilton Park (N side North St., E of SR 9), New Castle Hundred (TP 10-005.20-064). Demolition permit application for c. 1924 house. CD10.

App. 2017-03951: 312 Single Ave., Collins Park Addition, New Castle vicinity (TP 10-020.20-139) Demolition permit application for c. 1947 house.  CD10.

App. 2017-03952: 101 Wildel Ave., Minquadale, (SE corner Wildel and Dover Sts.), New Castle vicinity (TP 10-010.10-047) Demolition permit application for c. 1958 house.  CD10.

App. 2017-03953: 302 Stanton Rd., Kiamensi Gardens (W side Stanton Rd., S of Grayling Ct.), Stanton vicinity (TP 08-045.30-235).  Demolition permit application for c. 1956 house.  CD 9.

App. 2017-03955: 1100 Newport Gap Pk., Belvedere (SW corner Newport Gap Pk. and Cunard St.), Newport vicinity (TP 07-041.20-127). Demolition permit application for c. 1930 house.  CD 1.

App. 2017-03957: 409 Anderson Dr., Dunleith, Sec. 1 (TP 10-005.40-029), New Castle vicinity.  Demolition permit application for c. 1950 house.  CD 10.

App. 2017-04014: 31 S. Rodney St., Edgemoor Gardens (TP 06-150.00-205)
Wilmington vicinity.  Demolition permit application for front porch on c. 1940 row house.  CD 8.



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