Housing Advisory Board

The Housing Advisory Board is currently being reactivated with appointments of Housing Advisory Board Members pending. Once activated, the Housing Advisory Board meetings will be published on the web page.

Board Responsibilities

The Housing Advisory Board is a 13 member board responsible for reviewing and providing comments on the annual workforce housing and Housing Trust Fund. Reports are provided to the county executive and County Council by the Department of Community Services and Department of Land Use. The board advises the county executive, County Council, and Department of Community Services on how to prioritize fund allocations from the New Castle County Housing Trust Fund.

They review and provide comments on revisions to the New Castle County Housing Trust Fund, and Chapter 7 Division 40.07.300 through Division 40.07.353 as it relates to workforce housing, and assists the Departments of Community Services and Land Use in workforce housing and the Housing Trust Fund related functions as requested.

Membership Requirements

The New Castle County Housing Advisory Board shall consist of ten members of the public representing varying interests and three New Castle County General Managers or designee as follows:

  • One member of the Home builders Association of Delaware or a similar organization.
  • One representative of a non-profit home building organization.
  • One representative from the Delaware State Housing Authority.
  • One representative from the New Castle County Board of Realtors.
  • One representative from a housing advocacy organization.
  • One representative who shall be from the lending or financial services industry and has experience financing low and moderate income communities.
  • One representative from a tenant advocacy organization.
  • One representative of the Delaware Apartment Association or similar organization.
  • Two community representatives one who shall have experience in housing related issues, and one who shall represent a low income community.
  • The general manager of the Community Services Department or his or her designee.
  • The general manager of the Land Use Department or his or her designee.
  • The chief financial officer or his or her designee.