NCC@2050: The Comprehensive Plan

NCC2050_Logo_CMYKNCC@2050 is here!

NCC@2050 will be a community-driven process that will allow us to strategically shape how we grow and develop as a County. The Plan will help guide development and services; shape the communities where we live, work, and play; celebrate our environmental, historical, and cultural assets; and support a robust economy. 

Broad citizen input from every neighborhood, every industry, and everyday people is key to creating a vibrant and inclusive future that reflects our community values.  

We’re excited about the future of New Castle County and want to ensure its growth and development is sustainable and equitable for all.

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To learn more about NCC@2050, click the graphic above.  

Want to stay involved?  Good!  We need you!  Here’s how:

  • Youth Planning Board: Are you a resident of New Castle County who wants to shape the future of our communities?  Apply for the New Castle County Youth Planning Board, a new program for young people, aged 14-22, who care about civic engagement, policy, land use and its many interrelated issues such as transportation, the environment, housing and more.   While serving on the board you will work with the Department of Land Use to help create the blueprint for NCC@2050: The Comprehensive Development Plan.  The program will take place from September 2020 to June 2021.  Applications for the inaugural class are no longer being accepted.  Please check back in Summer 2021.
  • Stakeholder Challenge:  Is your civic association, community group, or trade organization interested in sharing your opinion about the County’s future?  Then take the Stakeholder Challenge!   We are asking you to engage your membership and collectively respond to five core questions.   This is your opportunity to get involved with the NCC@2050 plan at the beginning.  While this isn’t a scientific survey, the results will be used to help us understand your member’s key issues, priorities, and aspirations.  We will post a summary of what we receive on the NCC@2050 website.  
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  • ListServ Email:  We will frequently send out NCC@2050 plan updates via email to interested parties.  Signing up for our listserv is quick and easy. (Click here to reach the Notify Me page.  Once there, scroll down to the "News Flash" section and select "NCC@2050")
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