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GreeNCC Environmental Legislative Agenda  

Historic Preservation

This effort aims to provide a comprehensive update for historic preservation provisions in the New Castle County Code in order to ensure consistency and clarity regarding the procedures and powers of both the Historic Review Board and Department of Land Use.

  • Modified or reorganized existing code sections to provide uniformity between chapters of the NCC Code.
  • Provide a clear path of evaluation, identification, and documentation of the County’s historic resources.
  • New incentives for historic preservation activities within Historic Overlay zones.

View a draft of the Historic Resources Enhanced Fact Sheet here.

View the Comprehensive Program for Historic Preservation in New Castle County - May 2020

Heavy Industrial Uses

Ord. No. 20-008 maintains added protections for Solid Waste Landfills while removing the Special Use Permit requirement for Heavy Industrial Uses that the zone was originally intended for.  

Status of legislation: 

  • Council introduction - 1/14/20
  • Planning Board Public Hearing - 5/5/20