Online Services

The Department of Land Use offers several online services. Licensed contractors can schedule inspections through our online module and utility contractors can apply for HVACR and plumbing permits. Additionally, homeowners and contractors can use the online payment system to pay applicable building permit fees using a credit card.

Building Permit Payments

Customers can pay building permit fees using a credit card.The building permit application and/or permit number is required to process this payment.

Online Permits & Inspection Scheduling

To utilize these services, a licensed contractor must first obtain an online account from the Department of Land Use.Please complete the application for an online account (PDF) and either email it or fax the form to 302-395-5444.

For your protection, this account cannot be set up online.These services are available to all New Castle County permit-endorsed licensed contractors for inspection scheduling, and for New Castle County HVACR and plumbing contractors for residential work.These are limited to those residential permits that do not require a plan review and/or gas test.

Online Permits

To utilize the permit service, the contractor must pay for the permit through an escrow account or using the building permit credit card payment system defined above.There is no additional charge for this service.It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide complete and truthful information.In the same manner as any other type of application, the information submitted is the property of New Castle county and will be utilized as permanent records.

Inspection Scheduling

Those contractors with an online account and password can schedule inspections anytime 24/7 using the link below. Homeowners and those without an online password may call the scheduling line at 302-395-5515 between 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.

For questions about your inspections, call 302-395-5572.

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