Contractor Licensing

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Contractor Licenses issued by New Castle County are valid for contractors working in unincorporated New Castle County. All individuals and businesses that provide construction and building improvement services are required to obtain a New Castle County contractor license, in addition to the State of Delaware business license. Those that provide work requiring building permits need a contractor license with permit endorsement. To obtain a contractor license packet or apply online for non-permit endorsed contractors, use the links to the left. Additional license information is provided in the Contractor Licensing EZ Guide.

Search Licensed Contractors in New Castle County 

You can search on line to see if your contractor is licensed with our Contractor License Search. The search results will provide the Licensed Contractor and the authorized trades. The trade license definitions are defined in the Contractor Licensing EZ Guide.

Code Books Required

Chapter Six (PDF) of the New Castle County Code, known as the NCC Building Code, and its appendices (PDF) contain amendments to the adopted codes and are available for download.  Additionally, all permit endorsed contractors are required to obtain the current NCC adopted codes applicable to the applicant’s trade.  ICC Code Books are available for purchase from the Department of Land Use and the ICC website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I determine if my job is located in New Castle County’s jurisdiction? Contractor Licenses issued by New Castle County are valid for contractors working in unincorporated New Castle County. To determine if your job is located in unincorporated New Castle County, click Parcel Search to look up the address details. From the Parcel Details page, the municipal information is listed in the top section of the details.

My job does not require a permit from New Castle County. Do I still need a contractor’s license?  All persons engaging in any aspect of construction activity, as defined by Sector 23 - Construction of the current addition of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code, excluding those solely engaged in subdivision and land development (Year 2002 NAICS 2372), electrical contractors (must be licensed with the State of Delaware as an electrician), heavy utility construction in the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) right of way, and maintenance employees of state-owned facilities, are defined as contractors requiring a license.

 You can perform a keyword search of the NAICS database and also view categories within Sector 23 - Construction.

What type of Contractor License do I need? New Castle County offers two license types: Permit endorsed license and a Non-Permit endorsed license.

  • Non-Permit endorsed licenses are valid to perform construction activity defined by Sector 23 of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code that does not require a permit from our jurisdiction or fall under HVACR and plumbing work requiring separate licensing.
  • Permit endorsed licenses may be obtained for building and utility work. There are different license categories based on the work to be performed in each area. Review the contractor licensing requirement packet for complete details and click the Contractor License EZ Guide.

Contractor Licensing Questions, please contact (302) 395-5420 or email