Building Safety Month 2020

Build Safe Month 1

The Department of Land Use is proud to observe Building Safety Month, an international campaign held annually in May to raise awareness about building safety. The campaign reinforces the need for the adoption of regularly updated building codes, and helps individuals, families and businesses understand the best practices that keep our homes, workplaces, schools, and other structures safe.

All communities need building codes to protect their citizens from everyday disasters like fires, weather-related events such as floods, and structural collapse that follows deterioration over time of buildings of all kinds. Model building codes adopted and enforced by well-trained, professional code officials are society’s best way of protecting each other.

This year’s campaign, “Safer Buildings, Safer Communities, Safer World,” highlights the importance of building codes for providing a strong and resilient built environment, and regularly updated codes that ensure that communities are protected in the face of disasters.BSM2020.1 Opens in new window

BSM 2020

Safety Checklists for Residents

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Get the kids involved!BSM Kids

Meet CODiE.  He’s here to help you learn about building safety.  Download and complete the exercises in the Activity Book below – ask your parents to review them with you. You can download all the activities at once or one by one, in accordance with Building Safety Month’s weekly themes. 

Once you’re done, you will have officially completed your training and earned your certificate as a Junior Code Official!

Building Safety Month Proclamation

NCC Building Safety Month

Building Safety Month Proclamation