How Can My Company Do Business with New Castle County?

Submit a bid! Bids must be received by the date, time and location in the bid notice.

Certain construction bids may require a bidder to be prequalified.

Minority and Women Business Enterprises are provided full opportunity to submit proposals and New Castle County is committed to providing opportunities to all, without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.

Ways to Learn of New Castle County Bid Opportunities:

1. Review Open Bids Online.

2. Join an email List to receive notices of all open bids for county goods, services and construction contracts.

3. Register as a Vendor to receive targeted notices of open bids for specific commodities and to be contacted for contracts that fall below formal bid thresholds.

Is There a Fee to Receive Bid Specifications?

Goods and Services Contracts: No.
Bid specifications are provided free
of charge in the bid documentation.

Construction Contracts: Yes.
Construction plans and specifications
are provided for a nominal fee.

Formal Bid Thresholds

Materials and Non-Professional Services: $25,000 and over
Professional Services: $50,000 and over
Construction: $50,000 and over