What is required to convert my unfinished basement to habitable space?
1. To convert an unfinished basement to habitable space, at least one emergency
escape and rescue window or exterior door must be included in all required
submissions for permits. Additional means of egress may be needed in applications
including sleeping rooms, as per requirements of the 2015 International Residential
Code. Habitable space is defined as a space for living, sleeping,
eating or cooking. Bathrooms, toilet rooms, closets, halls, storage or utility spaces
are not considered habitable spaces.
2. To paint existing block or concrete walls and install carpeting, no permit is required.
3. When new walls or partitions are framed (including perimeter walls), a permit will be
required. The drawings to be submitted must include a typical wall section depicting
framing, any vapor barrier, insulation, and final finishes. Any ceiling finishes must
also be noted.
4. The drawings must show all existing and proposed mechanical systems and
clearances from the systems. A Mechanical Permit will be required for any changes
to the HVAC system.

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1. What is required to convert my unfinished basement to habitable space?
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