Executive Office Staff 
Name Title Email Phone
Grimaldi, David Chief Administrative Officer (302)395-5104
Guy, Samuel Deputy CAO (Acting) (302) 395-5124
McDonald, James Chief of Staff (302)395-5201
Prado, Antonio Director of Communications (302)395-5108
Henry, Marcus Economic Development and Policy Director (302)395-5959
Scherquist, Daniel Executive Assistant IV (302)395-5107
Walker, Angela Assistant to the County Executive (302)395-5118
Thomas, Jillian Assistant to the CAO (302)395-5103
Burg, Steven Executive Assistant II (302)395-5057
Cooke, Franklin Executive Assistant II (302)395-5106
Dobson, Waynna Executive Assistant II (302)395-5109
Kitchen, Melody Executive Assistant (302)395-5117