Tuesday, January 6, 2015, 7 p.m.

Multi-Purpose Room

Gilliam Building

77 Reads Way

New Castle


App. 2014-0657-S.  North side Lorewood Grove Road, east of Ratledge Road.  Exploratory Minor Land Development Plan and PLUS Review for Mapleton Charter School.  The purpose of the plan is to subdivide the property into two parcels and to construct a two-story 43,000 square foot charter elementary school.  S zoning district.  CD 12.

App. 2014-0493-S.  South side Limestone Road (SR 7) and east side New Linden Hill Road.  Exploratory Major Land Development Plan and PLUS Review for Linden Hill Station proposes to demolish the existing building and to construct a mixed use development including a 58,000 square foot retail and office building, 35 apartments, and 32 townhomes on 6.78 acres.  OR zoning district.  CD 3.


App. 2014-0486-S/Z.  Northwest side of DuPont Boulevard (US 13) and northeast side of Hessler Boulevard.  Exploratory Minor Land Development Plan, Rezoning and PLUS review for Dollar Tree, Hessler Boulevard.  The purpose of the plan is to revise the previously approved and recorded plan for Minquadale Starbucks (2006-0455-S/Z) and to reconfirm the CR rezoning approved by County Council in February 2007 by Ord. 06-131.  Former New Castle County Code Section 40.31.114 requires that all subsequent land development plans to a previously recorded rezoning plan be in strict conformity with the development shown on the approved preliminary plan that was relied upon when County Council granted the rezoning.  This plan proposes to construct to construct a 9,180 square foot retail store replacing the 1,840 square foot restaurant.  Ord. 14-134 will approve a revised exploratory plan to supersede the existing record plan (2008-0110-0002424) and reconfirm the rezoning of 1.023 acres from I (Industrial) to CR (Commercial Regional).  CD 10.


App. 2014-0604-Z.  West side Greenbank Road, north of Kirkwood Highway (SR 2) and south of Orsini Lane.  This is a proactive rezoning to change the zoning of two parcels at 711/713 Greenbank Road to reflect the historical and existing commercial use of these two interconnected parcels and to restrict the structures to no additional GFA and with an increase in the current landscaping and buffer area.  Ord. 14-132 will rezone 0.33 acre from NC6.5 (Neighborhood Conservation) and 0.21 acre from CR (Commercial Regional) to CN (Commercial Neighborhood) and to amend the 2012 Comprehensive Development Plan consistent therewith.  CD 9.


App. 2014-0748-D.  South side of Brackenville Road, east of Limestone Road (SR 7).  To amend a Declaration of Restrictions dated March 28, 1991 by the Catholic Diocese Foundation and subsequently amended November 8, 2001 that were associated with a rezoning of the property from R-2 to R-4 by Ord. 90-291 and adopted by County Council on April 9, 1991.  The current amendment is to permit the continued use of the Franciscan Eldercare Corporation skilled nursing facility and to change the current 100-bed limitation to the now state licensed 104-bed facility.  No other changes are proposed.  S (Suburban) zoning.  CD 3.


App. 2014-0736-T.    To Amend Chapter 40 of the New Castle County Code (also known as the Unified Development Code - UDC), Article 33 (Definitions) Regarding Parking Structures.  Ord. 14-127 is a text amendment to encourage the use of parking structures by excluding the parking structure gross floor area from the definition of a minor land development plan and requiring that the landscape surface ratio (LSR) increase by at least twenty-five percent over the required LSR.  CC Sponsor Joseph Reda.


Considerations of rezonings may include zones other than those specified in the ordinances, and considerations for all other applications, including text amendments, may include changes other than those specified or requested in the proposals.  Time limitations will be imposed on speakers.  Information on all applications is available for public review in the Land Use Department, New Castle County Government Center, 87 Reads Way, Corporate Commons, New Castle, DE, from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.


Individuals needing reasonable accommodations according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, call 395-5400 (TT/TRY/T.D.: D.S., 1-800-232-5460) at least five business days before the meeting/hearing.