THE BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT OF NEW CASTLE COUNTY will hold a public hearing on Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 6:00 p.m., in Department of Land Use Conference Room, New Castle County Government Center, 87 Reads Way, New Castle, DE 19720 to hear the following applications:


  1. 10 Wedgewood Road, Newark 19711. Area variance to maintain a dwelling 6 feet from the northerly side lot line (12-foot side yard setback). Vance A. Funk, IV,Esq./Kyle & Tanya Schaen. NC 15 Zoning. CD 5. (App. 2014-0361-A) TP 09-013.10-031.


  1. 1703 Cleland Course, Wilmington 19805. Area variance to construct an open, covered porch 16 feet from the Cleland Course right-of-way (25-foot street yard setback). Justo Argudo. NC 6.5 Zoning. CD 1 (App. 2014-0362-A). TP 07-039.20-034. 


  1. 122 Cross Avenue, New Castle 19720. Area variance to maintain an open, covered porch 16.5 feet from the rear property line (25-foot rear yard setback). Raymond Tomasetti, Esq./William Smith. NC 6.5 Zoning. CD 7. (App. 2014-0364-A) TP 10-015.10-303.


  1. 55 North Avon Drive, Claymont 19703. Area variances to maintain a carport 0.5 foot from the southerly side lot line (6-foot side yard setback), and to maintain a shed 2 feet from the rear property line (3-foot setback for accessory structures). Raymond Tomasetti, Esq./Robert Schneider. NC 6.5 Zoning. CD 8. (App. 2014-0367-A) TP 06-057.00-022.


  1. 31 Devalinder Drive, Newark 19702. Area variance to construct a rear addition 22 feet from the rear property line (25-foot rear yard setback). Patricia Abernathy. ST Zoning. CD 11. (App. 2014-0365-A) TP 11-031.20-054.


  1. 5350 South Bayberry Parkway, Middletown 19709. Area variance to construct a 141 square foot subdivision identification sign for the Village of Bayberry South facing Boyds Corner Road (20 square foot maximum sign area). Shawn Tucker, Esq./Farm Land Holdings II, LLC. S Zoning. CD 12. (App. 2014-0370-A). TP 13-013.14.106. 


  1. 211 Executive Drive, Newark, 19702. Special Use Permit and area variances to convert existing warehouse space to high-intensity recreational use (Sky Zone indoor trampoline park); 1. to maintain 0 bufferyard opacity around the perimeter of the site (0.2 additional perimeter bufferyard opacity required); 2. to provide 145 parking spaces (270 parking spaces required). John Tracey, Esq./Mesa James, Corp. BP Zoning. CD 11. (App. 2014-0264-A) TP 11-021.00-046.


  1. 3901 Concord Pike, Wilmington: Area variance to maintain and expand paving 0 feet from the common lot line shared with tax parcel 06-051.00-064 (10-foot other yard paving setback). Halakos Properties, LLC. CN zoning. CD 2. (App. 2014-0368-A) TPs 06-064.00-229 and 06-064.00-236.


  1. 6001 Kirkwood Highway (All Saints Cemetery) Wilmington 19808. Special Use Permit to construct a 140-foot stealthed commercial communications tower in a residential zoning district, which will be designed to resemble a bell tower. Richard Forsten, Esq./Catholic Cemeteries, Inc. S Zoning. CD 9. (App. 2014-0366-A) TP 08-049.00-004.


  1. TO BE CONTINUED TO A DATE NOT YET DETERMINED. 3106 and 3108 Centerville Road, Wilmington 19807. Area variances to facilitate the minor subdivision of two lots to create two new flag lots (four lots in total): Lots 21B and 22B: 1. to provide a lot width of 10 feet for Lot 21B, and 2. to provide a lot width of 10 feet for Lot 22B (100-foot minimum lot width). Ramesh Batta. NC15 Zoning. CD 2. (App. 2014-0373-A) TP 07-028.40-027 and 07-028.40-026.

Individuals needing reasonable accommodations according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, please call 395-5400 (DRS, 1-800-232-5460) at least (5) business days before the meeting/hearing. Information is available in the Department of Land Use, New Castle County Government Center, 87 Reads Way, Corporate Commons, New Castle, DE from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., or call 395-5400.