Retail Dog Outlet Licenses

How to Obtain a Retail Dog Outlet License
Retail dog outlet license applications for ALL counties can be picked up in person at the Kent County SPCA Applicants should complete the application and return to the Kent County SPCA and an inspection appointment will be scheduled.
• Kent County SPCA: or toll free: 1-888-352-7722

Current retail dog out license holders will be receiving information and applications in the mail.
Once your Dog Outlet has passed inspection with Kent SPCA, Please send in a copy of the approved inspection report and a check for the license to New Castle County Government Center, Office of Finance c/o Mike Kapa, 87 Reads Way, New Castle DE 19720. We will not be accepting any walk-ins. If you have any questions please call Mike Kapa at (302) 395-5169.

Retail Dog Outlet Fee: $75.00
Retail Dog Outlets Licenses purchased after March 1st of each calendar year shall be assessed an additional $35.00 reinstatement fee.

Retail dog outlets licenses that have been suspended shall be assessed an additional reinstatement fee of $50.00.