Riding Lessons

Our goal at Carousel is to teach you not only to be a safe and confident rider but to also teach you all aspects of good horsemanship. We start all of our beginners out in private lessons until they are able to groom, tack, and ride to a proficient level. Quality time spent on riding basics and horse care will allow you to become a well-rounded horse person. There is always something new to learn in our quest to become true partners and (as they say) dance with a horse.

Lessons are scheduled Tuesdays through Sundays. You may start at any time during the year. After eight weeks of lessons, there will be a down week so that make-ups can be scheduled. Payment is to be made at the beginning of each four-week time period.

Lesson Rates
  • $200 for four weeks
Types of Lessons
  • One half hour of riding and one half hour of horsemanship instruction, grooming, and tacking with your instructor
Rating Levels
  • B: Beginner
  • I: Intermediate
  • A: Advanced
  • DRS: Dressage
  • GRM/SHOW: Grooming and showmanship
  • TR: Therapeutic riding

New Castle County Carousel Park will be having open enrollment for  beginner and intermediate able body riders on Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.    

Payment is due at time of registration. 
Please call Carousel Park for more information 302-995-7670

New Castle County Carousel Park is looking for qualified riding lesson instructors for beginner and intermediate in both English and Western riding styles.  Lessons are taught Tuesday thru Sunday. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

Please contact Audrey Saunders at 302-995-7670 for more information.