Community Planning

Red Sky
Planning Partnerships
New Castle County partners with other governments, agencies, and local communities to encourage efforts that build stronger communities. One of the most active partners in community planning is Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO), which displays community plans on their website. To view these plans, visit their website.

The C&D Canal Recreation Study
The goal of the C&D Canal Recreation Study is to investigate potential future recreational usage of the C&D Canal and compile a final report with recommendations for implementation. Overall, the goal is to enhance recreational uses including hunting, fishing, bicycling, hiking, bird watching, and other popular forms of outdoor recreation.

To view current information on this joint effort with the state and federal governments, visit the Army Corps of Engineers website.

Southern NCC Scenic River & Highway Study
This study is the most recent in a series of studies to catalog New Castle County's scenic and historic resources. For more information, download the Southern NCC Scenic River and Highway Study.