Contact Information

Email  Email
Phone Number
Non-Emergency Police Service 302-573-2800
Drug Tip Line 302-571-4056
All Other Police Information 302-395-8100
Administrative Office
Chief of Police, Colonel Elmer Setting 302-395-8010 Email
Deputy Chief, Lt. Colonel Matthew Jamison 302-395-8017 Email
Operation Branch Commander, Major Vaughn Bond 302-395-8028 Email
Administrative Branch Commander,
Major Wendi Feeser
 302-395-8009 Email
Extra Duty Jobs 302-395-8075 Email
Police Academy 302-366-7938
Media Coordinator, Cpl. Tracey Duffy                            Office 302-395-8002
                                                                                    Mobile 302-540-7560  
Media Coordinator, O.F.C. J.P. Piser                            Office 302-395-8003 Email
                                                                                   Mobile  302-332-1175  
Professional Standards Unit, Lt. Diane Smith 302-395-8008 Email
Accreditation, Rhonda Burns 302-395-8001 Email
Records Unit, M/Cpl. Robert Abbott 302-395-8070 Email
Community Services Unit
Unit Commander, Sgt. Wesley Reynolds 302-395-8051 Email
Main Number 302-395-8050
Heroin Alert 302-395-8062 Email
Senior Roll Call Lifeline 302-395-8159 Email
Criminal Investigation Unit
Commander, Captain Patricia Davies 302-395-8024 Email
Main Number 302-395-8110
Cold Case Squad 302-395-8133 Email
Family Services Squad 302-395-7777
Property Squad 302-395-8113
Persons Squad 302-395-8114
Victim Assistance 302-395-8135 or 8117
Police Athletic League
Garfield Park PAL 302-656-9501
Hockessin PAL
Administrative Services Commander

 Commander, Captain Laura O'Sullivan  302-395-8021 Email
Professional Development Unit
Unit Commander, Lt. James Unger 302-395-8140 Email
Special Operations Units
Drug Enforcement Squad, S/Sgt.  Allen Herring 302-395-8110 Email
Mounted Patrol Unit, S/Sgt. Mary Devine 302-995-7610
Traffic Services Unit, Sgt. Fritz Feldmann 302-395-3602 Email
Uniform Operations
Patrol Commander, Captain John Treadwell
Shift Commander 302-395-8150
Patrol Officer Voice Mail 302-395-8100

Prisoner Information 302-395-8156
Supply and Evidence Unit, M/Cpl. Jill Kotowski 302-395-8080 Email