Boards & Commissions

  1. Apply Here

    Use this application if you are interested in serving as a member of one of the county's boards and commissions.

  2. Audit Committee

    Learn about the functions of the Audit Committee.

  3. Board of Adjustment

    Visit the Board of Adjustment for variances from county laws and regulations.

  4. Board of Assessment Review

    Appeal to the Board of Assessment Review if you feel your property has been improperly assessed.

  5. Board of License, Inspection & Review

    The board hears appeals regarding the issuance, transfer, renewal, refusal, suspension, revocation, or cancellation of a county license.

  6. Community Services Board

    Get details on the Community Services Board.

  7. Diversity Commission

    Discover the responsibilities of the Diversity Commission.

  8. DRAC of Centreville

    Check out what the Centreville DRAC is doing.

  9. DRAC of Claymont

    See what the DRAC of Claymont Renaissance is doing.

  10. DRAC of Hockessin

    Learn about the Hockessin DRAC.

  11. DRAC of St. Georges

    Review information about the North St. Georges Bridge DRAC.

  12. Ethics Commission

    Review the laws and regulations enforced by the Ethics Commission.

  13. Financial Advisory Council

    The Financial Advisory Council advises the county executive, county council, and chief financial officer regarding current and projected economic conditions and trends, particularly as they affect New Castle County.

  14. Fire & Ambulance Advisory Board

    See what the Fire & Ambulance Advisory Board does for the community.

  15. Historic Review Board

    Browse information on the Historic Review Board.

  16. Housing Advisory Board

    Get up to speed on the Housing Advisory Board.

  17. Human Resources Advisory Board

    Learn about the Human Resources Advisory Board.

  18. Library Advisory Board

    Discover the purpose of the Library Advisory & Review Board.

  19. Other Post Employment Benefits Board of Trustees

    The Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Board of Trustees oversees the management of the healthcare trust fund for New Castle County retirees.

  20. NCC Employees Pension Board of Trustees

    Review the details concerning the Pension Board.

  21. Planning Board

    Get the latest information on the Planning Board.

  22. Plumbing & Mechanical Technical Advisory Committee

  23. Rental Housing Advisory Committee

    Gain details about the purpose of the Rental Housing Advisory Committee.

  24. RPATAC

    The Resource Protection Area technical Advisory Committee is responsible for advising the Department of Land Use regarding issues impacting protected environmental resources.