New Plans

The following plans have been filed with the Department during the past week.  All plans that are currently active may be found in the list of all active plans.

Council District 6
North side of Reihm Drive, 219 feet west of Summit Bridge Road. Resubdivision Plan to reconfigure lot lines on parcels 14-006.43-019 and 14-00.43-020. Deep Branch Farm. NC21 Zoning.  (App. 2015-0033-S)

Council District 8
Southeasterly corner of Naamans and Peachtree Road intersection.
Minor Land Development Plan for the redevelopment of parcel with a 4,335 square foot commercial building and site improvements. 698 Naamans Road. CR. Zoning. (App. 2015-0007-S)

Council District 12
Southeast corner of Wrangle Hill Road and Red Lion Road.
Minor Rezoning Plan to construct a 4,685 square foot convenience store with gas pumps and a 4,800 square foot bank with drive thru, including associated parking and driveway facilities. 3601 Wrangle Hill Road. NC21 Zoning (App. 2015-0017-S