New Plans

What's Behind that Yellow Sign?The Department of Land Use requires yellow informational signs to be posted at each location of proposed development. The following plans have been filed with the Department during the past week. Plans are listed by Council District.  To view more information, please click on the project description. Also, all plans that are currently active may be found in the list of all Active Plans.

Council District 6

West side of Vandyke-Greenspring Road, 2600 feet south of Lloyd Guessford Road.
Minor Subdivision Plan to subdivide two (2) acres off tax parcel 14-022.00-101 and dedicate 15 feet of road frontage. Betty Lou Green Trustee. SR Zoning. (App. 2017-0596-S)

Council District 12

North side of Vance Neck Road, 1640 feet east of Ashleigh Drive.
Site Plan to show location of proposed parking spaces for daycare.757 Vance Neck Road. S Zoning. (App. 2017-0597-S)

East side of Porter Road, 2100 feet north of Old Porter Road.Site Plan to change existing use of property from residential to industrial. Baer Property.  I Zoning. (App. 2017-0598-S)