New Plans

The following plans have been filed with the Department during the past week.  All plans that are currently active may be found in the list of all active plans.

Council District 1
Northerly side of Center Boulevard, east of Christiana Mall.
Resubdivision Plan for the installation of gasoline pumps. Costco –Christiana Fueling Facility. CR Zoning. (App. 2014-0713-S)

Council District 11
South side of GBC Drive, 2,000 feet east of Delaware Route 896.
Resubdivision Plan to restripe existing parking area west of building 600 to capture 41 additional spaces and relocate main ingress/egress lane outside parking area. Hologic.- Siemens Building 600 Parking.  OR Zoning. (App. 2014-0720-S)

Council District 12
North side of Cox Neck Road, .75 mile west of Nowland Lane. Resubdivision Plan to reconfigure parcel lines between lots 1 and 2. Tomb/Olenick.  S Zoning. (App. 2014-0733-S)