Special Services

Special Services is comprised of four divisions that manage different aspects of all county assets:
  1. The Administrative Division monitors each of the divisions for quality of services, oversees both the operating and capital budgets, maintains an inventory of all New Castle County property, handles employee training, and worker's compensation claims.
  2. Engineering is responsible for the design and construction of county buildings, parks, and sanitary sewer infrastructure.
  3. Environmental Services is charged with ensuring that New Castle County is in compliance with all state and federal environmental laws. Environmental Operations handles the operation, maintenance, and repair of all New Castle County sewers, wastewater pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants, and county-owned stormwater management facilities.
  4. Internal Services is responsible for the upkeep of all county-owned buildings, maintenance of county parks and grounds, acquisition and repair of all county vehicles, non-office equipment, and operation of the equestrian center at Carousel Park.