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Our goal is to maximize the beauty, functionality and unique features of New Castle County through developing strategies for special areas, activities and public interests. Partnering with state, county and municipal agencies, organizations and non-profits, we identify functions, corridors or designated areas on which to focus, hold public workshops and solicit input, present data and draft objectives for discussion and develop the best path forward for reaching the shared objectives.

Panel Discussion on Traffic Impact Requirements for Land Development in New Castle County - 10/18/17

IMG_7421 croppedA panel discussion on the topic of Level of Service (LOS) with representatives from New Castle County’s Department of Land Use and the transportation, economic, civic, and engineering communities was held on October 18, 2017, at the Route 9 Library & Innovation Center in New Castle. A complete report on the event is available here.

Panelists included transportation, economic and engineering professionals and civic leaders. The event kicked off with a review of how New Castle County considers the vehicular traffic impact of proposed development (known as Level of Service standards) in the planning review process, issues with its implementation, and information on what other jurisdictions do and potential ideas to consider for addressing some of criticisms of the law. This was followed by a panel discussion, questions from the audience, and an interactive polling of the audience. 

Residents are also encouraged to review the  Level of Service White Paper commissioned by the Department of Land Use, which explores the Level of Service standard in New Castle County and in other jurisdictions. A list of additional information related to the presentation/discussion is also available below, followed by a *video of the meeting. *Please note that the video may not function properly in some web browsers; we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

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