2015 - 2016 Land Use Mission & Action Plan

Transforming and Energizing the Land Use Process

Land Use Mission & Action Plan

New Castle County needs a balanced and synergistic approach to planning.  To improve our quality of life, create and support strong and vibrant communities, and create opportunities for economic investment, job growth and commercial revitalization, we must look at all we do, the codes we enforce, the processes we adopt and the landscape that we serve and which serves us - make critical modifications that enable us to be at our best.

An involved and informed public is a crucial partner in the efforts that are underway.  On these pages, we will publish studies, photographs, data and a variety of information about the actions underway.  Please visit regularly and provide input as we study many areas within the county, reexamine how we seek to guide and stimulate growth and create processes to meet our objectives.

Strengthen and Plan Vibrant Communities

   Unified Development Code Revisions
   Comprehensive Plan Implementation
   Corridor Studies and Reinvestment
   Scenic Byways, Gateways & Trails
   Neighborhood Conservation
   Mixed Use Districts
   Ongoing Outreach

Incentivize Revitalization & Economic Development

Economic Development Districts
North Claymont/Tri-State Mall
Redevelopment Code
Site Readiness

Integrate Land Use & Transportation

Streamline the Development Review Process