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Find presentations and information about discussion and proposed ideas for Future Land Use and the Unified Development Code at UDC Revisions.  Information on meetings and draft changes will be linked on the page and comments may be sent to

Land Use regulates all new and existing development in unincorporated New Castle county and enforces the laws governing property maintenance. Our employees are engaged in a broad spectrum of land-related processes and activities, from proposed development reviews to permits, licensing of contractors, inspection of construction, and property maintenance.

Our mission is to create a common vision for the future of New Castle County through a proactive community, civic and business planning effort that involves all stakeholders in a consensus-building process.  This vision will bring vitality to our County by linking land use with transportation, enticing desired investment and ensuring the protection of our neighborhoods, and the revitalization of our commercial corridors.

Department Organization
Acting General Manager George O. Haggerty

Land Use is structured into the following divisions and sections:

Jim Smith, Assistant General Manager:
Reed MacMillan, Assistant Land Use Manager:

Code Official
Joe Ruberto, Licensing Manager

Gift Policy

The Department of Land Use has a zero tolerance gift policy. No gift shall be accepted by an employee from any member of the public when the gift is given as a result of contact created by a New Castle county business relationship.

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