County Executive Tom Gordon

Thomas P. Gordon was sworn in as county executive on November 13, 2012, beginning his second tenure with New Castle County.

Previous Incumbency
Tom Gordon was initially elected and sworn in as New Castle County executive on January 7, 1997, where he served two terms as executive. During his first tenure, New Castle County staged a drastic financial turnaround.

At the time Gordon took office, the county was facing a $100 million projected cumulative shortfall within four years. Gordon launched the first comprehensive County Reinvention Initiative in 1997. In 2000, Tom had eliminated the projected shortfall and had created a $100 million surplus. After being reelected for a second term (eight total years), County Executive Gordon achieved unprecedented financial success for New Castle County residents leaving office with $185 million in reserves and was awarded the highest bond rating (AAA) by all three Wall Street bond rating agencies.

Tom was also the only two-term county executive who did not raise property taxes and sewer user rates for eight years while producing the largest financial reserves in the history of New Castle County government.

Some of Tom's key accomplishments as county executive include the following:
  • Largest financial reserves in New Castle County history
  • Eliminated the $100 million projected cumulative shortfall
  • Eight years without raising property taxes
  • Eight years without raising sewer user rates
  • Achieved the highest credit rating (AAA) for New Castle County
  • Restructured county government
  • Eliminated appointed, upper-management positions
  • Reduced the number of departments by 50%
  • Centralized county departments and services in a location convenient for all constituents
  • Created and successfully implemented the Office of Customer Information and Assistance (CIA)
  • Held the line on unnecessary expenditures and cut the county budget by $2 million
  • Clearly defined county's financial responsibility via tax bill split
  • Combined functions to avoid task duplications
  • Successfully completed union negotiations
  • Reduced workers' compensation claims
  • Increased human resources services (i.e., automatic payroll deposit, better life insurance, and computer training)
  • Improved intra-governmental network
  • Revised the county's Land Use Code - Unified Development Code (UDC) ratified December 31, 1997
  • Police Athletic League of Delaware, Founder and Chairman of the Board
  • Fraternal Order of Police, Member
  • International Association of the Chiefs of Police, Member
Past Affiliations
  • Better Business Bureau, Board of Directors
  • Clinton White House Council on Teen Violence
  • Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred (CCOBH)
  • Delaware Safety Council, Member
  • Delaware Technical and Community College Alumni Association, Chairman
  • Historic Red Clay Valley, Board of Directors
  • Rockwood Museum, Board Member
  • Rose Hill Community Center, Steering Committee Member