Elevator Compliance & Operation

elevator-exteriorIn order to ensure the safety of the riding public and to protect the workers in the elevator industry, the New Castle County Land Use Department enforces code compliance for elevators and other conveyances. The elevator enforcement provisions are defined by State and County Codes. In general, installations, maintenance, and inspections shall comply with ASME A17.1-2013 and ASME A18.1-2008 as currently adopted in the 2015 International Building Code, as amended by New Castle County and the New Castle County Property Maintenance Code.
The owner is responsible for ensuring the elevator meets all safety requirements on an annual basis. It is the owner’s direct responsibility to schedule the required safety inspection to ensure the safe operation of their elevators before obtaining a Certificate of Compliance and Operation.

State of Delaware requires licensed elevator maintenance companies to complete any maintenance and the required safety inspections and tests, upon request of the elevator owner or service company. At time of inspection, a Qualified Elevator Inspector shall record the inspection or test results and submit them to New Castle County Land Use.

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