On March 2nd, 2015, New Castle County went live on the New World Systems Aegis Enterprise CAD and records system.  It is our goal to utilize this space on our website to provide updates regarding current system problems, software updates and mapping updates as promptly as possible

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Scheduled Training

Look to this section for upcoming training dates.  Unless noted otherwise, all sessions are held in NCC Fusion Center, Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor.

​​​Attendees should email Brian no later than the Friday before the scheduled training to ensure space is available.  In the event of no registered attendees as of the Tuesday morning prior to the training, it will be cancelled. 

​If there are specific topics you want covered, email:
  • Training will resume in January!

**** As of 3/17/16, the CAD webview map is now functional!! ***** 

Log into the CAD Webview, and click Map on the far right.

Current System issues

Update 7/29/16

GIS Sync published today to fix or modify:
  • Modified Venue for Darley Plaza (Old Darley Rd. Shopping Center)

  • Modified Venue for Claymont Shopping Center (Split from old Darley Rd. Shopping Center)
  • Hidden Valley Apartments Venue changed to Evergreen Apts. at Riverfront Heights
  • Village of Windhover Apts. Venue changed to Evergreen Apts. at Christiana Reserve
  • Pike Creek Office Campus Venue corrected to Brownstone Plaza
  • New Venue added for Reserve at Darley Green
  • New Venue added for Wagoners Row
  • Common Name updated for Christiana Meadows to reflect NCCPD jurisdiction
  • Cross street problem corrected, so correct cross streets will display for active calls.
  • Venue problem corrected, so Venues will not disappear from CFS display in CAD

Update 5/25/2016

System Update:  NCC/Wilmington Servers being upgraded to 11.4 SP2 to fix several bugs first reported in December 2015.  Fixes:

  • Units Created in CAD maintenance require database manipulation to show in mobile
  • Rip & Run format change from Call type Description to Call Type (Brings EMD/EFD codes back)
  • Caller name disappearing from name field on active calls
  • Call location reverts to unknown for partial/multiple/no match after tabbing from phone field
  • Incidents clearing to records with overridden addresses
  • Rip & Runs not being sent consistently
  • Client crash opening associated calls
  • Alerts not consistently showing in CAD

Update 2/22/2016

GIS Updates from today:
  • 3 new developments

  • One Easton Court – in Newark, near Newark Shopping Center. Addresses are 1 Easton Ct, with multiple apartments for a 6 story building.
  • The Preserve at Deep Creek – New development off St. Annes’ Church Rd at Levels Rd. 
  • The Colony at Summit Bridge West – New development off Summit Bridge Rd at Mansion House Rd
  • Various beat/grid/quadrant changes from the NWS issues list
  • Locator adjustments for geo-verification. This should help in verifying some addresses we’ve struggled with recently. •
  • Significant number of Common Name changes o All cell phone towers are now listed only as “Cell Tower – “ followed by the address. We’ve removed the provider name.  Multiple Common Names for a single address are being eliminated.  Things such as DSH, were we used to list 8 common names (buildings & such) for one address are being pared down to a single common name. Emily Bissell Hospital is another example. For these facilities, we will use the additional location fields to identify buildings/rooms/suites etc..
  • We’ve developed a guideline for what will be considered a common name in the future.


Current System Status
  • After the 11.4 SP1 update, we're experiencing a few new system issues.  We're currently tracking 17+ issues related to the software, some are existing problems, a few are new problems with the 11.4 SP1 software.
  • We continue to work daily with our contacts in New World for resolution. 
Update 11/25/2015
  • NCC and Wilmington are still testing and evaluating version 11.4 Service Pack 1 for a tentative deployment to the live environment on December 2nd, 2015.
  • GIS Updates continue.  The next updates will contain a significant number (280+) of intersections where jurisdiction has been corrected to a single agency for fire/EMS responses.  Tentatively scheduled to be published on Monday 11/23/2015

Updates for 11/25/2015

GIS Updates
  • 280+ Intersections updated for correct fire & EMS jurisdiction
  • NCC Police beat line corrected for Limestone Rd. Area
  • Common Name corrected for ServPro 225 N. James St
  • Common Name corrected for Jack's Country Maid - 2400 Kirkwood HY
  • Common Name added for Armed Forces Reserve Center - 250 Airport Rd
  • Address Points added for 303 E 2nd st, Wilmington
  • Common Name added for Pike Creek Bible Church - 199 Polly Drummond Hill Rd
  • Common Name added for Seeds of Greatness Church - 828 Frenchtown Rd
  • Scotch Hills Apartments renamed to Sophia's Place West (Resolution 15-181)
  • Stonebridge Apartments renamed to Sophia's Place East (Resolution 15-182)

Updates for week of 10/19/2015 - Being published 10/22/2015

GIS Updates
  • Cranston Heights Quadrant\District changes
  • Address correction for WAWA, Ridge Rd
  • Address points added for Greenbriar Village added
  • Claymont Community Center beat/ORI corrected
  • Ramp name changes for I295 (Incorrectly labeled NB instead of EB)
  • Police beat fixed to cover I 495 SB/Exit 6
  • Police beat fixed for Marshallton Vo-Tech, 1703 School La
  • Address Point Correction for 802 Old Harmony Rd
  • Police beat fixed for 3927 Kirkwood Hy
  • Roadway intersection adjusted for I 95 NB/Concord Pk Offramp
  • Police beat fixed for 2656 Marsh Rd
  • Police beat fixed for DRBA at NCC Airport, Arners & Spruance Dr
  • Police beat adjusted at Wrangle Hill Rd/River Rd
  • Police beat adjusted at I 95 NB/Maryland Av
  • Fire/EMS layers adjusted for N Market St/E Lea Bl
  • Fire/EMS layers adjusted for Lancaster Av/Greenhill Av
  • Zip codes added to GIS tab in eCAD, CAD map & Mobile map
  • Tow boundary adjusted for Stoney Batter Rd