Scenic Byways, Gateways & Trails

New Castle County offers scenic and historic vistas that are widely appreciated by residents and visitors alike.  It is important that we preserve those viewscapes and singular locales as a complement to new and existing villages, communities and businesses.
Red Clay Creek 8
For more information, visit the Delaware Nature Society's web page on the Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway  or Wilmapco's Red Clay Valley page.
Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway
The Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway Corridor consists of a a network of roadways and adjacent vistas. Several years of community engagement resulted in the completion of a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) in 2008.  This study builds on the CMP by developing a set of regulatory and policy tools for implementing the goals established for the byway. Tools for protecting the special character of the byway may include a set of design guidelines, standards, and /or a new zoning overlay for the area.Public workshops are underway to involve community stakeholders in helping to shape the recommendations.

Greenville Village Study
Working in collaboration with Delaware Greenways and DelDOT, the Department of Land Use is developing a vision and design guidelines for potential future redevelopment in the commercial core of Greenville, while also developing strategies relating to preserving the unique character of the scenic byway corridors of Routes 52 and 100. Several community workshops were held in 2014 and recommendations are currently being developed.
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